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The number of online shops using CMS Opencart is growing every day, and often great online stores build on this platform. Big turn requires a large number of administrators, editors and other staff. It would seem that you can’t follow all of them to see what they are doing in admin section, but now I am ready to argue with that!

Nikita_Sp Admin Log Preview

I present you my new extension for Opencart – Nikita_Sp Admin Log for Opencart! This module allows you to record all the actions of all users in the administration part of your online store. Using a lot of options you can set this extension to fit your needs.

The module can be used not only for online stores with multiple administrators/editors, and also, for example, to allow the developer to see what cause some errors during using online store, to prevent some unknowingly setups, tracking hacking attempts or attempts to authorize access to the forbidden section.

Module settings are extremely extensive and allow you to accurately adjust the recording (logging) operations in the admin area of your online store on Opencart. You can:

  1. turn on/off recording at all;
  2. turn on/off recording authorizations (logins);
  3. turn on/off recording deauthorizations (logout);
  4. turn on/off recording failed authorizations, to prevent hacking using password selection (brute force);
  5. turn on/off recording looking through sections (access to sections);
  6. turn on/off recording editing data in sections (update some data);
  7. set what do you want to record: allowed operations or just attempts of denied operations.

To edit your log you can delete single rows or fully clear log. When you clear the log or delete some rows – a new row will appear with text about it, and this prevent unpunished cleaning.

Nikita_Sp Admin Log Preview 1

Nikita_Sp Admin Log Preview 2

Nikita_Sp Admin Log Preview 3


This extension is fully free to use, but uploading it to other resources is prohibited – share with link to this page, thank you for understanding.

You have to ways to install this extension:

  • with rewriting of system/library/user.php,
  • or using vQmod.

In extension archive there is the module description, installing instruction, screenshots, files to upload with vQmod or without it.

Thank you for your trust, don’t forget to subscribe, rate and share this page, because through your likes and shares I can see that this work is not in vain, and comments give me inspiration to create new extensions and to update existing ones!

Also I will be glad to hear your comments on this and other of my modules, as well as suggestions for improvement and ideas for writing new modules!

Download AdminLog 1.0 for OpencartNikita_Sp Admin Log 1.0

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