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Product countdown timer extension for OpenCart was more popular, than category sales countdown extension, so that’s why I’m more happy to present you an update for this extension! This update includes a lot of new features for setting up and customize the countdown theme.

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I remind you, that this extension allows to output a countdown timer to the special date end on the product pages of your online store. The special date end is setting up on product edit admin page on “Specials” tab.

In this new version a bug was fixed – the text “Special ends in:” didn’t disappeared after the special is end, and also new features are available:

  • show the countdown timer on the category page;
  • setting the output for each section.

Attention: version for Opencart 2.x is available: Product countdown timer extension update for Opencart 2!

You can customize countdown timer with next options:

  1. the delimiters “:” can be replaced with words “days”, “hours”, “minutes”, “seconds”;
  2. you can hide or show the days amount;
  3. if you hide the days counter, you can change the “Count days amount” option and hours will be displayed in 24-hours format or with amount of days (for example: the special will end in 5 days 5 hours, and we can set that each of 5 days the countdown timer will count from 24 hours to 00 hours, or from 125 hours to 00 hours);
  4. you can show or hide seconds;

This kit of options allows you to set nice countdown timer for you customers. To show you how it’s look like you can see the screens below.

Terms of Use of this module are standard for my free modules: this extension in free to use, but uploading it to other resources is prohibited – share with link to this page, thank you for understanding.

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Also I will be glad to hear your comments on this and other of my modules, as well as suggestions for improvement and ideas for writing new modules!

Download CountdownTimer 2.0 for Opencartcountdown timer 2.0

UPD: version for Opencart 2.x is available: Product countdown timer extension update for Opencart 2!

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