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Dear subscribers! I congratulate you with all last holidays, and represent your attention a “gift”, which was delayed because of the holidays. 🙂

Social login extension for Opencart allows your online store customers authorize with social networks. For now there is only Vkontakte and Facebook.

Nikita_Sp Social Login Logo

The main extension features:

  • doesn’t use vQmod;
  • doesn’t overwrite files;
  • work with SEO Manager and SEO Pro;
  • was tested on OpenCart 1.5.4, but I’m sure, will work with other versions;
  • the applications in social networks are required.

I was looking for such extension too long, and I found nothing. The uniqueness of this extension is in it’s algorythm:

  1. It works with your applications in social networks – that allows you to be independent from third parties;
  2. It is easy to configure and has the ability to disable unwanted authentication methods;
  3. It does not erase the files and do not need vQmod – all files are in the standard folders, retaining structure;
  4. Automatically creates a customer account in your online store, sending the generated password to the user email;
  5. Next time login can be made either through the social network, or using password and E-mail;
  6. Do not change your theme – you can output the link wherever you want! (More info in the ReadMe)

As has been previously described, the extension configuration is simple, you can see the module interface on the screenshots below.

Nikita_Sp Social Login Screenshot 1

Nikita_Sp Social Login Screenshot 2

Nikita_Sp Social Login Screenshot 3

The extension automaticlly create entries in your database for module SEO URLs, and if you uninstalling this module it would be deleted.

Attention: to make SEO url work you need SEO PRO extension, anither way the Facebook authorization won’t work. (Facebook doesn’t work with urls like “//”, it fails decoding)

Terms of Use of this module are standard for my free modules: this extension in free to use, but uploading it to other resources is prohibited – share with link to this page, thank you for understanding.

Thank you for your trust, don’t forget to subscribe, rate and share this page, because through your likes and shares I can see that this work is not in vain, and comments give me inspiration to create new extensions and to update existing ones!

Download SocialLogin for OpenCartNikita_Sp Sociallogin 1.0

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