Manufacturer Alphabet Extension for OpenCart Update

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After nearly four months, one of my subscribers (Mukim), for which a special thank you to him, found a small bug in Manufacturer Alphabet Extension for OpenCart, which allows to output an alphabet with dropdown list of manufacturers per each letter.

Manufacturers alphabet 1.1

The essence of the error was that the controller is connected styles from the Default folder, and could not work with other themes. Error is not critical, and easily correctable, but I decided to release an update to bring the module better.

For those, who met this module for the first time, I remind that it output an alphabet, and each letter of it has a dropdown list of manufacturers for this letter. You can find screens below – this is how it looks like on Opencart default theme.

Attention: new version of manufacturer alphabet extension for OpenCart is available!

Also you can see how this extension was used in development of online store of perfumes Lady-Parfume:

Screenshot module manufacturers_alphabet_1.0

In the archive you can find standard complexion of my extensions: eng and rus screenshots, eng and rus README files, files for uploading. No file will be overwritten on uploading.

Terms of Use of this module are standard for my free modules: this extension in free to use, but uploading it to other resources is prohibited – share with link to this page, thank you for understanding.

Thank you for your trust, don’t forget to subscribe, rate and share this page, because through your likes and shares I can see that this work is not in vain, and comments give me inspiration to create new extensions and to update existing ones!

Also I will be glad to hear your comments on this and other of my modules, as well as suggestions for improvement and ideas for writing new modules!

Download Manufacturers Alphabet for Opencartnikita_sp manufacturers alphabet 1.1

UPD: 2.0 version of Manufacturer Alphabet Extension for OpenCart is available!

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