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It’s hard to believe, but I’m developing Opencart extensions for over a year! During this time, I’ve realized a lot of unique and free extensions and modules for CMS Opencart versions 1.5.x and 2.x

Nikita Spivak Total Customer group discount v2

Many thanks to my subscribers, who support me and offer their ideas for creating extensions as well as their improvement, error reports. And I’ve listened to your needs, for releasing you update one of the most popular modules: Total Customer Group Discount extension for Opencart.

In this update, I have tried to consider all your wishes. I made field “Sort Order” required, which all users have forgotten to fill in and wrote in the comments that the extension is not working. Now I hope there will be less questions 🙂

Actually, let’s go directly to the extension and its new features! Firstly, the module’s algorithm has been completely rewritten as old algorithm was not correct when calculating prices with tax. Since the module is used all over the world, I decided to add an option that allows you to choose: to set a discount on the price of the product without tax or with taxes.

For example: you have a product with price 100$, its price with tax is 120$. The discount for customer is 10%, and changing this option value you can set the discount volume 10$ (from price without tax) or 12$ (from price with tax).

Secondly, now you can exclude products, which already have special price! So you can customize your online store even more flexible system of discounts!

And the last one is a function, of which I have been asked a few times – the ability to hide the discount notification from the basket! This option allows you to hide the discount line in cart at all, display it only if the client has a discount greater than 0%, or show always!

In the archive you can find standard complexion of my extensions: eng and rus screenshots, eng and rus README files, files for uploading. No file will be overwritten on uploading.

Terms of Use of this module are standard for my free modules: this extension in free to use, but uploading it to other resources is prohibited – share with link to this page, thank you for understanding.

Thank you for your trust, don’t forget to subscribe, rate and share this page, because through your likes and shares I can see that this work is not in vain, and comments give me inspiration to create new extensions and to update existing ones!

Download Total Customer Group Discount 2 for Opencart 1.5.xnikita_spivak-total-customer-group-discount-v2

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