Total Customer Group Discount 2 extension for Opencart 2.x

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After the release of the new version of the total customer group discount for Opencart 1.5.x I’ve received a lot of messages with requests to adapt it to Opencart 2.x. Partly the lack of time did not allow me to react quickly and put the update, but I did it!

Nikita Spivak Total Customer group discount v2

This extension is an updated version of the discounts for groups of customers extension for Opencart 2 and has new functionality and installation made easy: just download the installation file through extension installer in the admin part of the online store!

I recall that in this release, was not only changed algorithm for calculation of prices, which could not work correctly with the prices specified tax, but also added new features!

Since these module is also available on the website, a portion of my users has a different system of taxation or not use it at all! In this regard, I’ve decided to add an option that allows you to enable and disable the tax in discount calculations.

For example: you have a product with price 100$, its price with tax is 120$. The discount for customer is 10%, and changing this option value you can set the discount volume 10$ (from price without tax) or 12$ (from price with tax).

Another very important and popular question of my extension was an exception of products that already have a special price, and as a consequence, the option “Exclude products with special” has been added. So you can set up more flexible system of discounts on your site!

And last on the list, but not the least in popularity was a request to add the ability to hide a discount (the label on the cart page) if the discount is 0%, or hide forever. I decided to add a few options for everyone to be able to configure the module as it is convenient and you can now choose to display prices always, only if not 0%, or hide at all.

Actually the interface of discounts for customer groups extensions for Opencart 2.x has also been updated – now it’s clear and nice, and looks very stylish and fit into the overall style. Just checkout the screenshots below.


In the archive you can find standard complexion of my extensions: eng and rus screenshots, eng and rus README files, files for uploading. No file will be overwritten on uploading.

Terms of Use of this module are standard for my free modules: this extension in free to use, but uploading it to other resources is prohibited – share with link to this page, thank you for understanding.

Thank you for your trust, don’t forget to subscribe, rate and share this page, because through your likes and shares I can see that this work is not in vain, and comments give me inspiration to create new extensions and to update existing ones!

Download Total Customer Group Discount 2 for Opencart 2.xnikita_spivak-total-customer-group-discount-v2-opencart-2.x

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