Social login extension for OpenCart

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Dear subscribers! I congratulate you with all last holidays, and represent your attention a “gift”, which was delayed because of the holidays. 🙂

Social login extension for Opencart allows your online store customers authorize with social networks. For now there is only Vkontakte and Facebook.

Nikita_Sp Social Login Logo

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Product countdown timer extension for OpenCart

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When you create an online store much attention is paid to motivate the customer to checkout. First of all – it’s discounts and promotions. But to enhance the effect, most online shops use the countdown timer before the end of the action.

CMS OpenCart allow to create quite functional online store, and in the default features, for each product you can add a promotional price and the expiration date of the promotional price. But how nice and not intrusive to show the user that it’s necessary to checkout today?

To solve this problem, introducing you Product Countdown timer module for Opencart that allows you to display a countdown timer to the end of the sale on the product page.

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Category sales countdown extension for OpenCart Update

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Category sales countdown had little success, and to consolidate and strengthen it, at the request of users, I finalized the module. You can check out the previous version of this extension using link – Category sales countdown extension for OpenCart.

In new version of the extension a few bugs were fixed and were added a feature that allow you to show prices, namely:

  • show the minimum category price (with sale);
  • show the biggest discount (maximum value of difference between main price and special one);

If you don’t want them – just hide it. The front end of the online store looks the next way:

Category Sales 1.1 preview

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FilterPro pagination doesn’t work in manufacturers

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A lot of developers use CMS OpenCart to create online store. As this CMS is so popular, there are a lot of extensions and plugins for it.

One of the basic extensions, without which it is impossible to create good online store is a filter in product category page. One of the most popular filter extensions is FilterPro.

When using this module, it is possible you could be faced with the problem of pagination in the manufacturers section, if you use this module on that page. The problem us that when you add this module to the manufacturers page, the FilterPro create wrong pagination.
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Category sales countdown extension for OpenCart

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One of the marketing moves in the creation of an online store is luring the user through the use of countdown timers. This tool is used on many websites.

OpenCart allows the administrator to set a special price to the product and set the start and end dates. But how to bring the total count for a category, for example? Beautiful, bright and colorful banner with a counter on the home page to attract visitors to this category.

I present to you a module that can do it! Category Sales for OpenCart is an extension written by me, which allows to bring the banner to the specified location with reference to the category and the timer before the end of the action. It looks like this:

Category Sales preview

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Manufacturer Alphabet Extension for OpenCart

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There are a lot of modules and extensions for OpenCart CMS, some of them are free. And today I want to present you one more free extension, that was developed by me. This module allows you to output an alphabet with dropdown list of manufacturers (brands). read more…

SEO pagination for Opencart

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OpenCart is a very powerful CMS for the development of an online store, but it almost hasn’t Search Engine Optimization features. Today we’ll talk about pagination on categories and manufacturers (brands) pages.

OpenCart generates category pages, depending on the quantity of goods that are in it. And by the default all these pages are the same:

  • the same value of h1 tag;
  • the same value of meta keywords;
  • the same value of meta description;
  • the same value of title.

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SEO urls for Pav Blog News Module for OpenCart

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A lot of web developers, prefer OpenCart as a CMS for online shops. And often there is a “News” section in developing online store. To solve this problem there are many extensions. In this article I suggest SEO decision for urls of Pav Blog News Module for OpenCart.

To make it work you’ll need:

  • CMS OpenCart
  • Pav Blog News Module – news extension (freeware)
  • SEO PRO – seo urls extension for OpenCart

When all is installed and configured, let’s make some changes to SEO PRO (catalog/controller/common/seo_pro.php), which create links and work with them. We’ll need to make a few paste actions. read more…

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