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For Lady-Parfum project was developed online store with a lot of features and not default structure, in the same time store’s interface is simple to use and it has right structure. There is:

  • default features of online store (product catalog, cart, checkout, personal account);
  • news with categories;
  • newsletter subscribe;
  • CSV-price import/export feature;
  • full SEO package;

On the home page there is advertising blocks: slideshow and banner, to attract clients with pictures. It’s important in developing of online store pay attention of the potentional client on certain groups of goods:

  • Sales;
  • New;
  • Bestsellers;

All these blocks are placed on home page, and allows customer to see “hot” goods and buy them. To make client informed about all the latest events of your shop we offer to subscribe to the E-mail newsletter, and visit the groups in social networks on the home page.

On the category page there is a filter module that allows to select products with considering of client’s wishes. While developing online store specific structure was developed, due to the type of product, as the same product can has different variants (volume, for example), but in the same time it should be a different product with another SKU, model, etc. Thus, I have concluded that we can’t use the default options function so, that’s why, was developed a vQmod extension devide product object to next types:

  1. Product;
  2. Product card;
  3. Child product.

This allowed to group products to product cards without any problems and output child products as options. Also, when customer use filter – system shows not product cards, but child product to make the buyer could easily add to cart the desired product in one click.

On the product page, we offer the customer a simple but functional interface. Here the user can see the code for the product, select the desired amount/type, and add to cart. Often, consumers have questions about the product, and they call and clarify the information over the phone. In order to reduce the load on your phone, we use the form below to send a question on the product to the email, which allows the user to ask a question without delay, and the resources to respond to the operator at any free time.

If the user wants to buy only one item in a single click, he can just leave his E-mail and thus to apply for that product. Comments and rating are very importnat in developing of an online store – it allows search system to show data in serach results. They also improve the credibility of the site, which is very important for the client.

Shopping cart is the last stage of an order – a key point. If the checkout page is oversaturated with information, the likelihood that a user will leave the site without ordering increases several times, that’s why the cart page should be simple, concise and understandable to any user.

On this page, you can change the list of products and the amount of the ordered product, enter the code of the gift/promotional code. To place an order the buyer can enter his login and password, if it has already been registered at the store, or he can enter the required information for ordering and register if he wants to.

On the contact page, the buyer should be fully acquainted with your store. Map – an important point for users in your city, who may want to drive to your store and pick up the goods, or to read with your range of products and to assess the quality of the product personally.

If the buyer wants to just write a letter and does not want to bother to call – it can use the feedback form and send you a letter. Also, on this page we indicate links to social networks, the user can subscribe to the necessary updates or events.

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