Product sets extension for online store eZoo

As I’m a developer of a lot of extensions for Opencart CMS, I was asked to develop a product set extension for online store for pets “eZoo”. And I was interested in developing of such extension, because I’ve never seen an extension for Opencart CMS with such features.

The main idea of the extension is: for each product you can add (connect) a few other products, (create a product set), each of them you can buy with main product and with some discount. The customer select products to set manually, so he can choose any products to set.

You can add any amount of products for the product set of the main product, which customer can buy with main product. The discount for the product in the set sets for each product separately.

The other sub-task was the taxonomy (how to connect product with the set), because the structure of the online store was similar to the online store of parfumes “Lady-Parfum”. And choosing color or volume of the product was released as products and sub products. So, I had to develop different product sets for child products.

To buy a product set, the customer should choose the product from the list of allowed products with “Replace” button to replace first product and add more products using “Add product to set”.

If customer add few product to the set, the “Remove” button will appear. To navigate through customer set he can use arrows to slide products in carousel. If customer remove all products from the set and one product in set is left – “Remove” button will be hidden.

When customer add product set to his cart he can’t change the amount of products in set. On the checkout page, customer can change his product set, removing products. But, if the main product would be deleted from the cart, products that are in product set for this main product will be also removed.

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